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  • First Inspiration

    First Inspiration


    In 2005 I got the inspiration to create a movie to explore who we really are and to find the sense or our life on this Planet.
    What first felt an exciting idea turned into a very transformative journey of 8 years, which led me into the depths of my existence and into the joy of realization.
    AWAKE IN THE DREAM means to be awake, to be aware, that we are eternal, incorruptible, divine, wonderful beings, who forgot, who we really are. Or - as my wonderful friend Arjuna says,"The big Self was never born, will never die, has no limitations, and is untouched by the swirling dramas of this world. It is appearing in disguise for a limited time only in your hometown, ladies and gentlemen, as a small person with a great many small problems and a very severe case of amnesia."

    Now it is time to wake up and consciously create our life within this dream.

  • Planning the journey

    Planning the journey

    planning the-JourneyI started to research, who would best transmit the messages, which seemed to be needed for the movie and planned our journey ... not knowing yet how many surprises it would bring ...

    ... and Moritz decided to become an engineer for airplanes with sustainable energies, well, it might still take a short while, but I am awaiting his solutions!


  • Captain Moritz

    Captain Moritz

    moritz kapitaenWe take off on a journey around the world, which will lead us to spiritual teachers, cutting edge scientists and visionaries.

    And Moritz is the pilot ;-)

  • Jump into the unknown

    Jump into the unknown


    Taking the leap - I needed to me ready to leave all ideas behind ...

  • Dophin Spirits

    Dophin Spirits




    On our first journey together in Hawaii, Moritz and me shared the excitement and joy to meet hundreds of dolphins and to swimm with them. I will never forget Moritz´face when he came out of the waters, after having met a dolphin.
    May we all learn from those divine, gentle beings and play together in harmony!

    This picture was taken by Iláh Loibner, who travelled with us for two weeks.

  • Meeting Neale Donald Walsch

    Meeting Neale Donald Walsch

    meeting-neale-donald-walshOne of Moritz favorite books are "The Soul and the Earth" and "The little Soul and the Sun". He loves to say, "Mummy, I am not a body, I have a body!"
    For me "Conversations with God" have been an a strong inspiration, and after reading "Happier then God" it was more then clear, that I wished Neale to be a part of the movie.
    During our adventures in Hawaii, a miracle happened: without planning it, I found out, that Neale was at a conference close to the place and when I approached him, he said to me, "I can feel that your project is very important for humanity, so I will give you a short interview tomorrow morning, right before I fly back!"

  • Dancing Tree

    Dancing Tree

    dancing-treeWe found this "dancing tree" right in front of the conference center and she has such a grace and beauty - I think she looks like a Godess, raising her arms open towards infinity, like an antenna connecting Earth and Sky ...
    The perfect spot to film Neale Donald Walsch.

  • Meeting Maika Suneagle

    Meeting Maika Suneagle

    JOURNEYMaika-kissing-the-sun500Actually it was Moritz, who met Maika on a beach in Hawaii. Altough Moritz was speaking barely any English, they immediately communicated with the language of their hearts.
    Later on a got the present of realizing, who Maika was and he shared a brillant interview with me and many days of healing, sound therapy and jam sessions.
    I was deeply touched to watch, how Maika approaches nature and all living beings with an open heart, a deep respect and love for all that IS.

  • Didge on the beach

    Didge on the beach

    didge-on-the-beachDancing on the beach with the waves to the sounds of Maika playing didgeridoo - a warm feeling of unity with all creation ...

  • Meeting Thomas Young

    Meeting Thomas Young

    JOURNEYThomas-Young-Int500In Hawaii we met the heart-wisdom-teacher Thomas Young in his house in Kealekakua. On this picture he is looking to Moritz. They both where constantly giggeling together :-)

  • Kehene Beach Tree

    Kehene Beach Tree

    kehene-beach-treeWe both love to play with the waves and run on beaches. This amazing tree stands on Kehene Beach on Big Island. On this beach I shot also some of the wave images in Awake in The Dream.

  • Lunch in Hawaii

    Lunch in Hawaii

    lunch-at-antiqueshopI love to explore places out of the range of "normal". This is an antiqueshop in Hawaii owned by a man, who became clean from alcohol, after he dedicated his life to God, as he told me. We bought organic food and had lunch with him.

  • Meeting Barbara Marx Hubbard

    Meeting Barbara Marx Hubbard

    barbara drehOn our way back from Hawaii we travelled to Santa Barbara to meet one of the most amazing and brillant woman and messeger for the transformation of human consciousness.

    What an example of living "the gift" and radiating it out into the world! May we all find our gift and share it with the world - let´s be as curageous, juicy and wonderful!

    Thank you Barbara and thank you for "seeing" me!

come back soon and you will find out more of our journey


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