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On this site we will share with you practical tools,
that will support you

in your process of awakening.

To start with, we recorded a very powerful meditation for you, known as


The purpose of this meditation is to allow you to consciously experience the presence of God. God is always present everywhere - but very often, as humans, we forget. This meditation lets us remember.
This meditation was transmitted by Sri Yukteswar to Drunvalo Melchizedek during a meditation and is practiced since thousands of years in slight variations by Hindus, Aboriginals in Australia, the Maori in New Zealand, the Zulu in Africa, the Hopi, Taos, and Lakota Native Americans, the Kahuna in Hawaii, the Eskimos in Alaska, the Mayans in the Yucatan - and others. Before any sacred ceremony begins, first they enter into this meditation.
When you meditate the first time:
Find yourself a quiet spot, maybe you want to create yourself a sacred space in your surrounding with flowers, images, that help you open your heart, the smell of nice incense ...
Sit on a pillow with straight spine, if you prefer also in a chair ...
Allow your mind to expand beyond its limits ... and relax into the experience ...

May this meditation be a blessing in your life and to all those you touch.
Music by Franz Iláh Loibner
Sounds, vocals, recording and mixing by Eva Novak
Voice by Catharina Roland (english) and by Eva Novak (german)


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