Awake in the Dream


Awake Hard


"This movie has the potential to change your life" (Kiara Windrider)

"The best and most heart-opening spiritual movie of our time!
The variety and offers on the spiritual movie market become bigger and bigger. What Catharina Roland succeeded to offer with her movie AWAKE goes beyond the scope of movies up to date.
In 100 minutes she does not only bring to the point the essence of the most evocative themes of humanity within the interviews of the most well-known spiritual teachers, scientsits and visionaries, but she offers also her personal life story, embedded in beautiful, magical images. The movie also offers very helpful and easy to apply tools, which are supporting the awakening of consciousness in a fascinating easy way. This movie lives up to it´s name AWAKE - for me it is the most remarkable, all-embracing and heart opening spiritual masterpiece of present age. May this wonderful movie also enrich your life and have a lasting effect! (F.Loibner on

"Finally  a movie that does not only raise questions, but delivers you with wise and conclusive answers. Some of the provided tools are already part of our daily life and create miracles! All out-dated beliefs, thought patterns and separating ideologies did drive humanity and the edge of a collapse. But at the moment, we start to question those old beliefs, a complete new cosmos opens up. And it is really simple! I was always skeptic towards messages, who want to deliver me a better world, this easely becomes missionary. Nothing of that in AWAKE. Quite the contrary: the very personal story of Catharina Roland, beautiful images, terrific music, high value of information on all levels opens heart and sould. This movie has the potential to evoke a whole movement." (TomTom on

"I experience a massive change and I feel like hatched out of my cocoon. My wings are still untrained, but I will strenghten them! Now i know that I am a spark of divine and here on Planet Earth to radiate my light! I arrived. I AM. The search came to an end!" (Heidi W.-W. via Facebook))

"This movie is so touching and thought provoking and this brings out miracles!" (Kathie on

"Awake fully opened my eyes yesterday. I am very grateful. Now my life can start. THANK YOU!" (Jeannine Hörle)

"What makes this movie so special is that it doesn´t present another scenario of drama and despair, but it empowers you with the feeling, that you can change a lot and you can start now!" (Werner Loibner)

"The feminine spirit weaves through the movie and the beautiful images of nature and your own personal story touched my whole essence ... because it could have been my own story. Thank you for the courage to walk new paths ... to simply take of and follow your heart ... I feel so much connectedness and love ... be blessed!" (Adelheid)

"This movie condenses the wisdom of hundreds of spiritual books in easy and understandable words. Amazing. Thank You!" (Ulf via Facebook)

"The best tour guide for life. Thank you for this informative support!" (Camilla on Facebook)

"Yesterday during a coaching seminar I showed Awake to adults 50+ and all have been very touched. In the evening I showed it to teenagers 16-18 years, who told me after the screening, "we will watch this movie many more times to learn all the information" - this is amazing! A very felicitous and highly up to date movie. I hope you will do more of them!"

 "I watched the movie today and had such a great effect on me - a wonderful, exciting and absolute honest movie. I am sure that it will reach and affect many people." (Sabine Werner)

"The right movie to reach out into the world and support the awakening of humanity." (Petra Engchu)

 "Dear Mrs. Roland, you won´t believe, how your movie changed my life to positive within the last two months. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!" (Oliver via Facebook)

 "It seems that you story is a collective pattern of awakening. At some moment of our adult life, we come to a point, where the separation (you call it "hibernation") becomes so unbearable, that a search for salvation gets inevitable. The fascinating aspect (as far as I experienced it) is, that you feel, that everything just waited for your awakening. All answers and so many reassurances (like your movie) are like gifts on my path." (Ralph)

"Altough I have seen many movies of that kind, I experience for the first time and inner peace, a silent observer .... I am happy to be able to experience this! Thank You." (Sonja Höhle)



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