Awake in the Dream


Awake Hard

Thomas Kohlwein

 1958 - 2014

 ... Thank You, that you lived your gift as a great composer, a high class sound editor and a wonderful friend ...

One day I called Verena, Thomas partner and asked her, if I could use her music for my movie Awake. Thomas was listening from the background and he immediately called out,"We are doing the sound for your film!" And this was the beginning of a close journey of co-creation, friendship, healing and fun.
The last missing part of the filmscore (I had forgotten a part), Thomas was creating the night before I had to send the soundfiles for the DVD production. It was and is a great honor and pleasure to work with him. Thomas also supported me and many other people with a "Radical Release" a technique Thomas and Verena learned in Arjuna Ardagh´s "Awakening Coaching Training"

Thomas, every time I listen to the sound of Awake, a spark of You touches my heart! ...


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