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catharina thefilmmakerCATHARINA ROLAND

Born 1969 in Vienna, she studied directing, acting, dramatics, journalism and psychology. She won several awards for her international advertising films and works as a director for theater productions as well as dubbing actor and voice talent for movies, advertising and television.

When her son Moritz was born and the relationship to the father of her son broke down and her seemingly perfect world suddenly fell apart, her spiritual journey took off. Since then she travelled together with her son around the world for her heart project the documentary AWAKE IN THE DREAM to set the jigsaw puzzle of the newest scientific insights and mystic wisdom together and to contribute to the awakening consciousness on our Planet. For her, the solutions are never to be found in the outside, but always in connection with our inherent inner wisdom and by finding and releasing old sabotaging belief systems.

Catharina and Moritz are currently travelling again for her sequel documentary - a quest to find out, how we can collectively find our way back to Paradise and live an awakened life in the most challenging and teaching areas of our daily life, like relationships, parenthood, sexuality and sustainable living. They both look also forward to meet you personally at a screening during the Awake In The Dream America Tour 2013!



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