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Awake Hard

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The book is currently only available in German language - you can order your copy here.
We will inform you here, as soon as the book is available in English language !!!


A practical "tour guide" in times of change.

The book provides you with

* 27 very efficient, simple and practical approved techniques and tools

*  a practical guidance of how you can live the wisdom in your day to day life

* profound explorations of the themes of the movie and many more supportive information

* a touching and radically honest life story of a woman, who did set off on a spiritual journey, that changed her life completely - and will change yours ...

Read what our German speaking readers say about the book:

"The list of literature to the theme of awakening is hardly to overlook. I read many, many books, but was never able to implement the offered advices into my daily life. I always felt, that I could never succeed in becoming "conscious" and enjoy my life in an awakened state. Instead I always fell quickly back into a mode of autopilot. This is frustrating - have you experienced this? And now comes this book: I did not only understand, what went wrong with my life, after reading this book I easily managed in my daily life to put the wisdom into practice. And it was very easy. And it still works ... This book actually transformed my life, what many authors before promised and never succeeded, this book does!" (K.Kipping on

"It is not easy to find the right spiritual guide, so it was a good idea to follow a journey, which reached to the most well known teachers and visionaries. In this exciting and interesting book, Catharina Roland sets together the mosaic of recent scientific knowledge and mystical wisdom and helps to recognize our own potential and to actually live it. This book explains very comprehensible and enlightening how we can awaken from the hibernation of our life to set off to find the source of who we truly are. This spiritual sensation is a substantial practical book, which can be complemented with the DVD of the movie. For every seeker and those, who already found themselves a precious support and many surprising insights." (Roland Roth on

"Catharina Roland describes her own "journey into awakening" - very authentic, true-to-life and provides the tools, which helped her on her path. Although it is a very personal book about anger, sense of guilt, stress, pressure in her daily life and the feeling of separation in our society, it applies to all of us. I felt immediately addressed and recognized and - most importantly - I started to work on myself and to set other focuses in my life. The book Awake is down-to-earth, clear and manages to evoke much change. I can highly recommend that book!" (Lara87 on



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